How To Make Small Ribbon Nodes With A Single Fork At Home.


If you’re thinking of decorating something in an original way, it might be interesting to use one or more ribbon nodes made with your own hands. The procedure to put into practice for their realization is a little more difficult than one thinks, but it is just a little trick to put aside any difficulty: and the trick in question is represented by the use of a simple fork .

Whether embellishing a gift, to renovate the children’s room to make it appear more playful or give free rein to its creativity in another way, the nodes are adapted to a wide variety of uses: so what can we use for a fork? As you can easily guess, the range is the most appropriate support to make sure you make the necessary knots in a simple and efficient way. Just take a little familiarity with the process, learn it by heart in a few steps, to create nodes in industrial quantities , without any effort.


What do we need to achieve the nodes in question? In addition to a fork, you should have a pair of scissors and ribbon of the color and texture you prefer. No need to be DIY wizards to achieve the goal: with the tip of the fork, indeed, even the smallest pieces of ribbon can be handled easily without having to deal with his fingers.

With this trick you can give life to one or more nodes, thus becoming a breeze that can be implemented without effort. No need for help from other people, and in a few minutes you’ll have created many little knots : in short, one evening, you can get to work sitting comfortably on your armchair in front of the TV with ribbon and fork in hand and do dozens of knots without realizing. Let’s now find out the process to put into practice to achieve this job quickly and easily.


To make a beautiful knot using a fork it is necessary a greater precision.

First of all you have to take a piece of ribbon about 15 cm in length and another one bigger. take the smaller one and slip it in the middle of the fork, hold it with your thumb, then take the other piece of ribbon and cross it over the first one; then you have to weave it in the fork, always passing through the middle: a round trip to create a loop in your knot and two round trips to create two loops. Then you have to take your piece of ribbon and iron it in the middle of the fork. While holding the big piece of ribbon you have to tie the piece and you just have to take out the knot of your fork and to equalize its edges 🙂

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